War Against Women: Really, 2012?


I am a little confused. Dumbfounded actually with a really large dose of rage mixed in too. Why do State and Federal governments suddenly feel as though it is okay to regulate a women’s uterus and ovaries Not only regulate but violate and traumatize? Why is this okay?

Texas. Really? I mean, I know you’re Texas and all but, C’MON! Good ol’ Governor Rick Perry left the Presidential candidate trail and returned to pass a law that mandates that any woman that wants to have an abortion must first endure an ultrasound probe inserted into her vagina, proceeded by an audio soundbyte of her fetus’ heartbeat while she watches the fetus on the screen. During all of this, the doctor must explain all of the body parts and internal organs of the fetus as she watches on the screen. After this, she must sign a form stating she understands everything that she just learned — no wait, a fetus has organs? and a heartbeat? ya don’t say? — and then wait 24 hours until she can have an abortion. Not only is this RAPE because she is being forced and coerced to have a probe stuck up her vagina, but it is traumatizing and unnecessary.

Yes, Texas, we know that a fetus heartbeat develops in the first few weeks. Yes, organs too. Oh wait, no your women didn’t know that? Not even your teenage moms? Oh that’s right, because you don’t give them comprehensive sex education to teach them these things! So instead, you wait until they have an unplanned pregnancy and then you rape them to give them that comprehensive sex education. Oh and then you hope you succeed in traumatizing her just enough so she does not come back and instead decides to go through with her pregnancy. But then you just leave her out to dry… minimal to no family planning is offered. In fact, last year Mr. Governor, your cut family planning funding by 66%.

What’s even worse about this situation — if that’s even possible to fathom — is that the law was passed last year but was challenged via law suit by the Center for Productive Rights. Judge Parks from the Federal District Court perceived the law as an attempt to “discourage women from exercising their constitutional rights.” You’d think that’d be the nail in the coffin, but nope, the court upheld the law and it went into effect last week.

Oh, but don’t worry if a woman became pregnant because she was a victim of rape, incest, or the fetus has abnormalities, the woman will not be mandated to be raped again or bear witness to her “abnormal” fetus. Thank you, Federal Court, you’re pretty awesome. But let’s consider the reality, shall we? The small proportion of women who do not use contraception are the ones making up the majority of abortions in this country.What’s that, Limbaugh? You support women having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for their birth control? What’s that, Santorum? You don’t want insurance companies to provide birth control?Oh and you don’t want to help people living in poverty who cannot afford to feed themselves and their children, let alone birth control.

No really, the logic among politicians these days is crystal clear: White men whose sperm count is decreasing as they age and therefore don’t have to worry about knockin’ up their wives or any woman for that matter think they can regulate a woman through state sanctions leading to humiliation and trauma because well, they’re a politician, duh.

Well Mr. Perry, Mr. Santorum, and all you other pretentious white men sticking your probes where they absolutely do not belong, YOU CANT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.


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