Live Free or Die: And by that youmean, ‘Live in Fear & Forget the Truth, or don’t get what the Supreme Court has already granted you as rights.’


Ya know, this whole “I’m the government so I can put forth all this legislation to regulate, regulate, regulate” is getting pretty FREAKING old. ESPECIALLY, when these old, white men are trying to regulate my uterus. Every day there’s a new law being passed or proposed in a different state about reduce use of birth control, mandates for women to reveal medical information to employers (yea, Arizona, I’m talking about you), and scare-tactics to reduce abortions. I honestly can’t keep up with the blog because there are so many laws being thrown out there I don’t even know where to focus my rage. But today, I read this headline: “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer, New Hampshire House Declares,” and I could not pass up this opportunity to blog. Why? Well, for starters I was born and raised in New Hampshire. Secondly, my mother is a breast cancer survivor and I get to start having yearly mammograms in two years to make sure I do not also have cancer. I am extremely offended that my HOMESTATE is declaring a blatant lie about an extremely serious and deadly cancer to jump on the bandwagon against women’s rights. Oh and don’t try and counter that it’s a lie because the World Health Organization and the American Cancer Society concede that there is no link between the procedure and the cancer. I think they know a thing or two about this stuff. Just saying.

Shame on you, New Hampshire.


Remember our motto: LIVE FREE OR DIE. Well ya should because it’s on our license plate, the ‘welcome’ signs as you enter the state, and championed by the Free Staters that frequent Murphy’s in Manchester with their guns on their hips.

So not only are you trying to infringe upon my uterus and the freedoms that the Supreme Court has granted me to choose what to do with the functions of my uterus, including bringing a child to full-term, but you are trying to do so through fraud and coercion.

Wait, what’s that you say? Joe Brind, PhD says there is a link? No, actually what he says is that the earlier you have your first child (i.e. bring a child into this world through a full-term pregnancy), the less likely you are to have breast cancer. If your first pregnancy results in an abortion, your risks of breast cancer goes up. See this graph. Well, Mr. Brind, you didn’t actually prove there’s a link between breast cancer and abortions. What you did was confirm what science has already told us: breast cancer incidences increase with age. See this graph (by the American Cancer Society).You know what else you’ve done? You’ve advocated for teen-age pregnancy.

So let’s recap. Republican Jeanine Notter (R-Merrimack), the representative that sponsored this bill, does not believe in freedom. Republican Jeanine Notter does not believe in evidence-based research. Republican Jeanine Notter does not value her rights to her uterus. Oh and Republican Jeanine Notter supports teen-age pregancy if it means our daughters, sisters, and mothers are not going to be at risk for breast cancer. Lastly, Republic Jeanine Notter does not believe in the truth. So while this paints a pretty accurate profile of the GOP these days, I’m not going to sit by and watch my uterus be controlled by you people. I have faith in Gov. Lynch to highlight the pure insanity demonstrated by this bill proposal, but I have very little faith in the Republican Party to respect me and my rights.


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