Homophobic Parents Exploit Child to Publicize Anti-Gay Beliefs


Have you had the unfortunate luck to come across and watch the viral video of a no-older-than-five-year-old stand in front of his congregation and sing “I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong…ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven?” No, well you should watch it here because you probably don’t believe that a young child would sing that nor would a parent ever allow his child to sing that. So watch it here.

Horrified? Nauseous? Furious? All of the above? Yeah, me too. I am not naive to the fact that there is an on-slaught of anti-gay commentary and beliefs floating around this nation. But this child is not old enough to even understand the words coming out of his mouth. He is not old enough to understand the hate and ignorance attached to what he is singing. All he is old enough to do is hold a microphone, regurgitate a horrific song that his homophobic parents taught him, and get excited and positive reinforcement when his entire congregation gives him a standing ovation of cheers and appreciation. If this parents did not brainwash their child and just explained the meaning of the song, I can guarantee you the child would not agree.

It is absolutely disgusting that this child’s parents and his faith community would exploit the child to publicize their anti-gay declarations. I am all for people having their own faith and beliefs, but when it outwardly attempts to negate people’s rights — in this case homosexual rights — at the expense and exploitation of an innocent child, I draw the line and so should the rest of the faith-based community that this family and congregation belongs.

I do not consider myself to be religious, but I went to CCD, I am baptized and confirmed. What I have taken away from the 10 years of religious education and up-bringing that I do have is that God is up there shaking his head at all you hateful, homophobic fools saying that homosexuals are not going to Heaven. God preaches love for all and considers it to be a sin if you do not love all. So perhaps we should be singing:

“I know God is right and homophobic, ignorant fools in Greensburg, Indiana are wrong. Ain’t no homophobes gonna make it into heaven.”

Though this congregation and the parents of this child allowed this to happen and taped it because they thought it was meaningful, valuable, and truthful — all it has done is mobilize gay rights activists to speak out against it and make them look like ignorant people filled with hate. Job well done, Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church.


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