Another Casey Anthony Verdict on Our Hands? Let’s hope not.


In the past 2 weeks I have graduated with my masters and started a new job. I had family in town and then friends and then “surprise” guests from London for two days. Needless to say, life has been a little cray cray lately but in a good way. Given that I constantly have been on the go, I have been behind on my blog-reading and news-following. But I have not forgotten to occasionally check the status of Jerry Sandusky’s case. I think I am more nauseous and horrified now than I was when the news broke — and the outcome hasn’t even been determined yet.

Jerry Sandusky’s case epitomizes my confusion that someone would ever want to or could ever be a defense attorney. I’m certain they don’t sleep at night. I mean, right? Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, has an argument that literally makes me gag. He is arguing that Jerry is the victim and that the 8 men who have come forward — now 9 as of today with Sandusky’s adopted son disclosing that he was abused too — are prosecuting him and ruining his life. Amendola is arguing that Sandusky was a very generous man who just cared about charity.

Does Amendola think these things? I mean, I can’t imagine he genuinely believes a word of his own closing arguments. But he doesn’t have to — defense attorneys are all about strategy, especially when it’s pretty damn clear their client is guilty. Amendola’s goal is to deadlock the jury and then fight for acquittal. I get the fundamental principle(s) of our criminal justice system and I understand that every one has their right to due process. But had Jerry Sandusky been an average guy who wasn’t a very prominent figure from one of the most notorious college sports teams in the nation, his attorney would have likely advised him to plead guilty and avoided a trial. Well, I would hope that is what an attorney would do. I know, I know — innocent until proven guilty — but COME ON. And this verdict is not being decided by unbiased jurors — most of them are from State community and some even know Sandusky directly. Yea, how is that legal? Talk about high profile case rules here.

I mean, the evidence is strongly against ya, Jerry. There is documentation at Penn State reporting inappropriate behavior. There are witnesses. The victims have been so strong and articulate and given very accurate depictions of the abuse that they endured — both on and off the stand. Jerry Sandusky is the epitome of a serial pedophile. It really breaks my heart that Amendola is stealing the media with his quotes about how great of a guy Sandusky is. These men have come forward under very stressful and traumatic circumstances. Their stories have not been isolated in some small town or within an unknown court room somewhere — like so many child abuse cases are — but instead they have been all over the news for months. Penn State students publicly rioted when Paterno was fired in defense of him with no consideration of the victims. They have had to relive the victimization that occurred several years ago.

When this all came about months ago news stories were boasting about how this is good for child abuse prevention because it highlights that this is a serious problem happening to children and that children should be able to come forward. The first victim to testify said he didn’t tell anyone when the abuse was occurring because he knew no one would believe him because it was Jerry Sandusky. He was right — thus people saw the acts happening and did nothing about it. I see how this can be positive for child abuse prevention in a really twisted way, but honestly, I don’t think it is going to be beneficial. Not after the way the trial has been reported and the efforts made by Jerry’s defense attorney to disregard all victim testimony and deadlock the jury. I hope these jurors are smarter that and can remove the political hoop-la around Sandusky & Penn State football and recognize that many people were traumatized and victimized and left to deal with it on their own for many years. I am scared to death that Amendola played his defense-attorney cards right and Jerry will walk. I don’t think we can handle another Casey Anthony verdict.

For the sake of Sandusky’s victims and all victims out there — PLEASE do not believe that Sandusky is a good man and meant well.



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