Trashy Journalism: A Bloggers Best Friend.


Reason #987 why journalists should not be allowed to write on anything other than the specific events during the Olympics and the outcomes — Michael Phelps has a girlfriend. [SHOCKED FACE] And she’s a model. [GASP].

The HuffPo has been pretty obsessed with the relationship, actually. The Internet Newspaper has demonstrated the depth of sexism and unequal representation and expectations for men and women.

Today, they wrote a piece in Huffington Post Style section with a very sarcastic tone alluding to the their judge of character: Megan Rossee has not been available for interviews yet she is an aspiring model, so how dare she avoid the spotlight. First, the anonymous writer refers to her as the “lucky” lady implying that she is fortunate to be dating an Olympian who has made history. The writer also refers to the fact that she is blonde twice in the opening paragraph. Thank you, we got it by the picture that you have up of Megan and Michael. We got it. We also get that you’re just feeding into the stereotype of blonde models dating successful athletes. Well done. You must have got to a really good journalism school, “mystery writer.” To make it worse, Megan did not agree to interview with you — probably because she knows your writing tends to be trash and judgmental and just awful most of the time (there are some gems floating around HuffPo, however). But instead of respecting her privacy and choice, you do some sloppy research yourself. Heaven forbid you can’t access her website. She’s clearly a pretty bad person because she “can’t hold onto her domain name.” Oh the flaws. Still, you managed to dig up some “dirt” as you’d probably call it.

Let’s review, shall we?

#1: “According to her Model Mayhem profile, the past couple of months have “turned out to be very busy” (very subtle, Megan) so she’ll no longer be accepting any unpaid modeling gigs without hair and makeup, thank you very much.”

Yeah. Who cares. Who is doing any “gigs” in their industry for free these days?

#2: She doesn’t do nudes.

Heaven for-freakin’-bid. What, a model who can feel confident and be successful without showing her body for the mere pleasure of misogynistic men? That can’t be right, can it HuffPo.

#3: “At 5 foot 10 inches, she has the genetic fortune to wear a mere size 7 shoe. And since most models are at least a couple of shoe sizes larger than that, that means more free footwear for Megan!”

I mean this is just pathetic. You couldn’t find anything on her so you talk about her shoe size. Small feet are so bad. Man, she’s so weird compared to those other models. Are you for real, Mystery Writer? No, you’re just pathetic.

#4 “Megan is really more of a photographer (kind of). Even though she didn’t peak photographers’ interests while sitting on the sidelines of Phelps’ races (there don’t seem to be any pictures of her from the Olympics thus far), one might say she prefers to be behind the camera sometimes because she LOVES taking pictures of her new boyfriend and tweeting them (or just tweeting at him and calling him “Bear”).”

Well, you’re wrong for starters. The whole reason Megan Rossee has peaked the media’s attention is due to her Tweets, photos, and being on the arm of Phelps. So she did peak some photographers’ interests — much like the one that took the photo on your piece. Second, Megan Rossee is not an Olympian and therefore she did not compete. Doesn’t seem to strange to me that photographers were focusing on the athletes, like Phelps, who were making history, crushing world records, playing and competing their hearts out, and representing their country with pride and dedication. Huh? Not a worthy cause for your trash-journalism, huh HuffPo? Thus you’re writing about Phelp’s alleged girlfriend not stealin’ the cameras, implying she can’t be that good of a model or that attractive.

#5: She retweets Kate Middleton’s Fan account. “At least she has good taste in role models.”

In case we didn’t get what you were implying all along: Megan Rossee isn’t all that great… actually, she’s just a blonde who hides behind the camera because she isn’t attractive enough to catch photographers’ attention and she has small feet. But you made it pretty clear here that the only thing she has going for her is her picks for ‘role models.’ Again, ya couldn’t find anything on her so you jab at her and make assumptions about who she retweets on a social media site.

To top all of this trashy journalism off, this piece concluded with a slideshow of pictures found on Megan’s Instagram. There is a photo with her and Michael with all of his medals — okay, I guess that relevant. But then you show her in scandalous clothing for “the new dreams video” and a model picture of her pushing a carriage with a caption (she wrote) saying “maybe in 5-10 years. Relevant or were you just trying to portray her in a judgmental way? The kicker is another article written about this relationship by a Mystery Writer for the HuffPo. After showing us screen shots of her tweets and boring the reader, they conclude with a similar slideshow but this time of “Michael Phelps through the years.” All of the photos are showing him being athletic, winning and/or holding his medals, and looking like a strong, confident individual. These photos portray him exactly as America knows him — his photos are accurate but also demonstrate how we like to see men portrayed: strong, athletic, successful. The photos in the previous article demonstrate how we like to see women portrayed: inadequate, for men’s use only (thus she is lucky), sexy, and maternal.

The stereotypes, sexism, and poor writing displayed by the HuffPo all while invading the privacy of an Olympian and his friend are shameful. I don’t care what his relationship is with Megan Rossee. Olympians are allowed to date and have girlfriends. They should also have the right to these relationships without unprofessional journalists bashing their partner based on irrelevant and unproven comments about her character.

Michael Phelps, I commend you for your historic experience as an Olympian. I also commend you for respecting the privacy of Megan and the privacy of your relationship with her — whatever that is. Megan Rossee, you are a beautiful, strong woman and you deserve your privacy and happiness. Do not let mysterious trashy journalism ruin your time with Michael or tarnish your memories of the 2012 London Games.


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